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A Day in the Life

The residents at ComfortCare Homes enjoy a truly homey atmosphere, around-the-clock care, a garden, sensory therapies, and more. But what does a day at a memory care facility really feel like? Here’s an average day at one of our homes, through the eyes of a resident.

Starting the day off right

Unlike nursing homes, assisted living, or other large facilities, our residents don’t get jostled awake by orderlies with long rounds to complete. In our full-service memory care facility, residents feel like they’re at home, and being cared for by family. Our residents join us in the dining room each morning for coffee and breakfast, and we honor their preferences in their morning routines. We provide balanced meals and ensure that any needed medication is properly administered.

Our caregivers assist with personal grooming, bathing, and dressing. As they work with our residents in the morning, they might offer any additional help that’s been recommended for our residents, including monitoring dental hygiene, keeping an eye on old or over worn footwear as a trip and fall hazard, or even assisting residents with makeup so that they can feel their best each day.

Daily activities

We work with physical therapists and other care providers to make sure that residents can receive any care they need to feel their best. Residents might have medical or physical therapy appointments throughout the day, facilitated by their caregivers.

Our home offers residents the opportunity to relax in the morning sunshine and stroll in the garden. Our homes also offer many social spaces so that residents, family, friends, and guests can share time together in a warm environment. Our family room offers cozy seating, both in groups for socializing and solo for television watching or a comfortable nap.


Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served in our comfortable dining room, where caregivers can assist residents with any dietary needs they might have. Our meals are served family-style so that residents can come together to share a meal in a way that feels familiar and friendly. Family members and guests are encouraged to stay and can join their loved ones in a meal just like they used to in their own homes.

Our dining room is also a relaxing room in which to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, or the newspaper in the afternoon.

Opportunities for good care

Each interaction our residents have with our staff is an opportunity for our caregivers to shine. Whether our residents are dealing with long-term medical needs, physical therapy needs, or cognitive and emotional needs, our caregivers will work with them throughout their daily routines. These moments of caregiving are also an opportunity for our staff to check in with each resident one-on-one, to make sure that they are not just healthy but also happy, confident, and secure.

Afternoons and evenings

Our residents might enjoy a piano singalong in the family room, or music therapy provided by a specialist. Our caregivers can also accompany residents to a comfortable seat on the porch, or on a stroll around the garden, to watch the leaves change and see neighborhood birds.

You might find a board game or a puzzle in progress in the family room, or a game of cards happening in the dining room. Residents are always welcome to join social activities in the house, and our caregivers know that they may not always choose to do so. The bedrooms in each home are designed to be quiet and serene, so that residents can have a nap or some private time in peace.

Overnight care

Staff remain in the residence around the clock, able to provide any needed care for the residents in our memory care facility. Our caregivers assist with nightly routines, making sure that our residents feel comfortable and safe. Our hallways and restrooms remain dimly lit throughout the night, ensuring that residents can move around if they need to without fear of tripping or stumbling in the dark. If a resident wakes during the night or needs anything, caregivers are just a few steps away at any time. 

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