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Doing Dementia Differently

Engaged, Enjoyable Living

The importance of maintaining healthy engagement activity levels for people with Alzheimer’s and dementia has been well-known for many years. In the early stages of the disease, mentally stimulating engagement may help to slow the progression of memory loss. However, as a person’s cognitive impairment becomes more pronounced, those activities that once provided a welcome distraction may begin to increase stress and frustration. A game of bridge, for example, will be too complex for a person in the middle stages of Alzheimer’s to follow or process.

Relevant engagement programs

At ComfortCare Homes, we plan enriching and relevant engagement programs throughout each day, from simple movement that promotes physical health, to calming chats around the kitchen table while baking cookies. A full-time Director of Engagement oversees all programming and ensures ComfortCare Homes’ staff and volunteers understand how to provide personalized and enjoyable engagement following current best practices.

Engagement at ComfortCare Homes takes our residents’ tastes and personalities into account. Our team gets to know each resident’s history through family interviews. Simple programs like gardening or even light straightening up after dinner can provide purpose and a sense of pride, and develop confidence that helps to reduce stress, sometimes resulting in less need for medications.

Engagement programming changes from day to day, and from resident to resident, but in general, our programming includes: 

  • Movement and coordination activities like ball toss or chair yoga.
  • Art practice such as watercolor, collage, and crafts. 
  • Social engagement through day trips to local attractions, as appropriate. 
  • Performances from visiting local musicians and artists. 

Our engagement focus is on creating moments of joy with our residents. Whether a resident finishes an activity as it was intended, or finds a new path to a different outcome, if they enjoyed the process, we consider the effort a success.

Get More Out of Each Day

Get engaged. Learn more from our Director of Engagement by scheduling a time to learn how engagement can bring joy into your loved one's life. 


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