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Family Advocate

Policies and practices at ComfortCare Homes extend from a desire to bring families closer together. We believe that professional caregivers help families reduce stress and feelings of guilt or resentment and enable them to focus on improving the quality of relationships. Sometimes, families can feel suddenly out of touch with their loved one’s care. That’s where ComfortCare Homes’ Family Advocate comes in.

Our Family Advocate listens to families and articulates concerns to the care staff. Similar to a case manager, the Family Advocate can provide direction and resources to families needing community or family services, advanced directives and offer guidance on financial questions. In addition, our Family Advocate is able to refer families to counseling or other important support services. 

The Family Advocate at ComfortCare Homes:

  • Develops family histories to share with care staff.
  • Communicates to ComfortCare Homes on behalf of families.
  • Provides resources for families seeking outside support services.
  • Helps keep families involved in their loved one's care.

Providing professional care service for a loved one shouldn’t take the family out of the equation. The Family Advocate at ComfortCare Homes keeps families in the conversation.

Get in touch with ComfortCare Homes today and speak with our Family Advocate to learn more about how family involvement can enhance the quality of dementia care.

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