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ComfortCare Homes

Designed for Dementia

Come Home to ComfortCare

For more than 30 years, ComfortCare Homes has provided compassionate and innovative dementia care for people with dementia and Alzheimer’s. We believe that people with dementia better respond to care when they are immersed in familiar, calming environments; where an afternoon enjoying the backyard patio or an evening in a favorite recliner feels just like home. 

That’s why we build and remodel real homes in historic neighborhoods where our residents can enjoy the same lifestyle and amenities they’ve become accustomed to, but in a safe and secure home where they can be professionally cared for.

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Designing for Dementia

We operate according to the principles of intentional design, and you can easily see it at work in everything we do: from how we select and modify homes in established neighborhoods to how we train staff, we keep the comfort and dignity of our residents at the center of our process.

Large, impersonal institutional facilities with mazes of hallways and cookie-cutter rooms often feel cold, and for a family member with a degenerative memory disorder, generic settings can lead to confusion and distress. Additional problems including overmedication can sometimes stem from a one-size-fits-all approach to clinical care for patients with dementia.

Rather than design for the lowest common denominator, ComfortCare Homes instills the values of intentional design throughout our residences.

I fully trust that ComfortCare is providing the best possible care and doing so with warmth and kindness.

– Jane Sheffield

More Than Home-Like

Each traditional dementia care home features secure backyards with back porches or patios for residents to enjoy in favorable weather. Private and shared rooms are available, with plenty of common space in the living and family rooms to host visitors for special events, or casual weekend get-togethers. We don't just add a few cozy touches to a hospital-like building: our homes are homes first, and we tastefully integrate necessary medical support systems into the environment.

Most of our residences have a house pet, a dog or a cat, welcoming guests at the front door or curling up with residents that need a little extra attention. Our residents are also encouraged to bring their personal pets to live with them (following a screening for sociability). 

All homes are staffed 24 hours a day with certified caregivers, able to assist with most activities of daily living. ComfortCare Homes provides specialized services that help people with a dementia diagnosis thrive.

Come Home to ComfortCare

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