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Learning about Dementia

ComfortCare Homes has been an advocate for Alzheimer’s and dementia awareness and education for over 30 years. Throughout that time, the scientific understanding of dementia has changed dramatically, as have best practices for caregiving. One thing that has stayed consistent, however, is the need by families for reliable and accurate information about these diseases.

We’ve collected some of the most frequently asked about subjects and provided up-to-date answers and trustworthy resources in the following sections.

Know the signs of Alzheimer's

Understanding Dementia

Early signs of Alzheimer’s can be similar to memory loss caused by aging. Learning how to tell the difference between age-related forgetfulness and memory impairment due to dementia can help to bring clarity and confidence when making decisions about seeking professional care.

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Know the right time for dementia care

Is Memory Care Needed?

Many families struggle with knowing when to seek out professional care for their loved one. While dementia can affect each person differently, there are common stages that signal the need for different types of care.

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Alzheimer's and dementia resources

Discover Memory Care Organizations

No one should have to struggle with Alzheimer’s or dementia alone. ComfortCare Homes deeply understands the value of a large supportive community of caregivers, medical professionals, and advocates working tirelessly to impact the lives of families with a dementia diagnosis.

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News Center

Visit our news center for articles on the latest developments in dementia care, helpful advice for family caregivers, and up-to-date happenings from the ComfortCare Homes communities across Kansas. 

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