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Doing Dementia Differently

Engaged, Enjoyable Living

At ComfortCare Homes, we view social engagement as a fundamental component of dementia care. Keeping residents connected with their families, our care staff and each other results in better overall health and fewer behavior issues, which can result in a reduced need for some medications.

Loneliness and social isolation pose significant risks to a person’s health, and even more so if that person has Alzheimer’s or dementia. Yet many times a dementia diagnosis increases the likelihood that someone will become withdrawn or experience frustration relating to other people. This frustration and withdrawal can lead to further health complications and behavioral disorders, not only causing undue suffering for the loved one with dementia, but also impacting the health and mental well-being of caregivers.

Engagement programs for Alzheimer's and dementia care

Because each person’s dementia manifests differently, it’s important that our engagement programming begin with an assessment of the individual and their current capabilities. Many traditional activities associated with eldercare may not be appropriate for people in dementia care: intricate puzzles or card games may increase frustration as the fine motor skills and concentration required can be difficult to manage for someone with dementia.

Instead, we offer manageable, participatory engagement that provides opportunities for creativity, confidence-building, and authentic moments of joy. Engagement at ComfortCare Homes is a holistic approach to building community within dementia care, whether in structured group activities, or making a routine daily activity like the morning cup of coffee a chance for intentional conversation.

Our programming takes residents’ tastes and personalities into account. Our team gets to know each resident’s history through family interviews. Simple programs like gardening or even light straightening up after dinner can provide purpose, a sense of pride, and develop confidence that helps to reduce stress and decrease disruptive behaviors.

  • Movement and coordination activities like ball toss or chair yoga.
  • Art practice such as watercolor, collage, and crafts.
  • Social engagement through day trips to local attractions, as appropriate.
  • Performances from visiting local musicians and artists.


Get More Out of Each Day

Get engaged. Learn more from our Director of Engagement by scheduling a time to learn how engagement can bring joy into your loved one's life. 

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