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Innovative dementia care Innovative dementia care
Doing Dementia Differently

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Compassionate Nursing

ComfortCare Homes centers our philosophy of care on the specific needs of people with a dementia diagnosis. Whereas many assisted living and nursing home facilities offer memory care as one small component of a more generalized offering, at ComfortCare Homes we specialize exclusively in dementia care, and our nursing and caregiving team are trained specifically to be able to care for this unique population. 

Our training includes a rigorous onboarding process where caregivers develop an understanding of the wide variety of dementias, proper de-escalation and redirection techniques, as well as how to engage our residents with activities that build confidence and support social interaction. 

Personalized care plans for each resident at ComfortCare Homes provide daily direction for our caregivers. We compile a detailed life history of each of our residents including past professions, hobbies and interests, and personal family anecdotes. We acknowledge that people don’t stop being who they are due to a dementia diagnosis. We know how important it is to recognize and affirm each resident’s experiences during this difficult time. Personalized care plans help us dignify the resident, reminisce with them, and provide appropriate activities that incorporate movement, art and laughter. 

Alongside ComfortCare Homes’ innovative psycho-social focus, we ensure the best healthcare for our residents with 24-hour care, and a high caregiver-to-resident ratio (on average 1:6), making sure that every resident receives the right amount of attention regardless of the time of day. We also provide ongoing training opportunities to our caregivers, and our community involvement and advocacy on behalf of people with dementia ensures we stay on the leading edge of best care practices. 

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