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Welcome Home to ComfortCare

At ComfortCare Homes, we believe that where you live can impact how you live. For more than 30 years, we've specialized exclusively in caring for people suffering from Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia. Our residential facilities are not just home-like, they are actual homes built or remodeled with intentional design elements. These user-oriented settings make a significant difference in the lives and comfort of our residents.

Better Living Through Intentional Design

Designing for dementia care is different than design for a general audience. As dementia progresses, the ability to identify or comprehend a wide variety of objects or situations diminishes, which can often lead to social withdrawal, hastening the disease process. Social engagement can help to slow the progression of dementia, and one of the best ways to bring people into engagement is to provide an environment that is simple to understand. Whether we retrofit an already existing residence or build an entirely new home, we take certain design elements into consideration:

  • Wayfinding: How easy is it to navigate through the residence? Are doorways clearly outlined? Are there any dead-end hallways that can cause confusion? Does every room look like what its function is? 
  • Decoration: Are the color palates simple, and not overly colorful or patterned? Do they increase contrast and make understanding the room easy? Does each resident's room contain familiar objects that will indicate to the where they are? 
  • Lighting: Is there appropriate lighting? Is there an abundance of natural light during the day, and proper lighting at night? Can the residents clearly tell the difference between day and night? Are household objects clearly identifiable in multiple lighting situations? 
  • Signage: Is all signage clear, high-contrast, and relevant? 
  • Safety: Can residents wander safely and purposefully throughout the home? 

Being surrounded by the comforts of home--personal photos hanging on walls, spacious common areas, an open kitchen accessible anytime--can have a calming effect for residents who may become confused or disoriented several times throughout the course of a day. The benefits of intentional design go beyond a more consistent mood for our residents: over time, it's possible to see a reduction in the use of anxiety medications as well. 

Whatever level of care your family member requires, ComfortCare Homes is able to meet their needs and restore their dignity. We’re always available to meet your family for a free consultation, or you can schedule a visit to learn more by calling (316) 685-3322.

We offer multiple levels of care in order to compassionately meet the needs of your loved one at each stage of their dementia:

Our homes offer an expansive range of services and amenities. From safe, landscaped backyards to personalized engagement programming, home cooked meals to skilled medical caregiving, your loved one will enjoy the highest quality dementia care. Each home is staffed with professional certified caregivers at a 1:6 ratio or better, on average. 

Leading the Way for Over 30 Years

Learn more about our legacy of innovative dementia care.

Our Legacy

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