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Rob Lowe Speaks Up for Family Caregivers

The challenge of caregiver burnout is only recently coming into focus as an increasing number of families are taking on the responsibilities of caring for an aging loved one. Over 40 million Americans, more than 10%, are caring for aging parents or grandparents; a quarter of those are millennials. They take on this responsibility in addition to their careers, family and community obligations. The work they perform as caregivers is unpaid and often unacknowledged, so it matters when a high-profile person like Rob Lowe speaks out on their behalf.

Too often, caregivers take on more than they can handle simply because they are unaware that other options are available. As Lowe writes, the increased stress that can come with caring for a loved one, in addition to keeping up with everyday life, can bring significant health impacts, including lack of sleep, depression and weight fluctuation.

For family caregivers, just knowing that there are options available to help ease the stress of caregiving can be a game changer. Whether in-home care, short term day care or long-term residential Memory Care, there are services that can address current needs to help reduce stress. Knowing the right time to seek additional help depends on your current situation, and ComfortCare Homes can help assess your needs and plan for the future.

* Photo by Kevin Winters/Getty Images

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