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Intentional Design Leads the Way at ComfortCare Homes

A key concept at ComfortCare Homes is that where you live can impact how you live. Our residential facilities are not just home-like, they are actual homes—and we believe that makes a significant difference when it comes to the comfort of our Residents.

Large, impersonal institutional facilities with mazes of hallways and cookie-cutter rooms can feel cold. For a family member with a degenerative memory disorder like Alzheimer’s, generic settings can lead to confusion and distress. Additional problems including overmedication can also stem from a one-size-fits-all approach to clinical care for patients with dementia. Inadequate staff-to-resident ratios (often the result of building large facilities with only the bottom line in mind) further contribute to the sense that a Resident is just another number.

Rather than design for the lowest common denominator, ComfortCare Homes operates from the principle of meeting our Residents where they are. That means actual homes that are filled with familiar objects, activities to promote calming engagement and a high staff-to-resident ratio that ensures every Resident is seen and cared for as an individual. On average, this leads to lower stress and, in some cases, less need for medications.

Browse our website to learn more about the design behind ComfortCare Homes residential model, or call (316) 685-3322 to schedule an in-person appointment.

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