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Millennial Caregiving is Growing

As the Baby Boomer generation continues to age beyond retirement, more family members are taking on the role of caregiver. According to a report from AARP Public Policy Institute, nearly 1 in 4 family caregivers is a millennial who is balancing family obligations with paid work. These young caregivers spend an average 21 hours a week caring for their family, but because many are less likely to discuss this role outside of the home, the stress incurred from their role as caregiver will often remain unacknowledged and untreated.

The number of young people caring for their aging parents or grandparents is only going to grow in the coming years, and employers will need to prepare for the impact this may have on their employees. Many businesses are implementing caregiving leave programs, allowing employees with family obligations to schedule time specifically for caregiving.

ComfortCare Homes takes a forward-thinking approach to caregiving, investing in skilled caregivers and providing opportunities for professional development and re-certification throughout their career with ComfortCare Homes. We understand the desire to keep family care in the family, and we work diligently to provide an environment that isn’t just home-like, it’s actually a home.

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