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Understand How Alzheimer's Affects the Brain

Alzheimer’s is a progressive brain disease that is part of the spectrum of diseases affecting the brain, known collectively as dementia. The primary markers of Alzheimer’s are various memory disorders caused by the physical interruption of healthy brain functioning.

While other forms of dementia may begin in various parts of the brain, Alzheimer’s typically originates in the memory centers, including the entorhinal cortex and hippocampus. The appearance of abnormal proteins, such as tau and beta-amyloid proteins, disrupts the communication between neurons and inhibits the healthy flow of nutrients within the brain. Over time, this leads to the atrophy and deterioration of the entire brain, which in turn affects not only memory, but all physical processes, including speech and movement.

The cause of Alzheimer’s is still unknown. Less than 5 percent of cases can be attributed to hereditary genetics, indicating that environment and lifestyle also play an important role in the development of dementia. Although there is no known cure for Alzheimer’s, it is possible to create environments that nurture people with dementia, maintaining their dignity and providing fulfilling activities and experiences for as long as possible.

ComfortCare Homes residences are designed with the Resident in mind. We provide calm, familiar surroundings with activities that soothe, rather than overstimulate. From short-term stays to advanced memory care, our staff are trained and our residences are optimized to be able to deliver compassionate care that recognizes the individual and each person’s story.

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Get more detail on the causes and progression of Alzheimer’s with this article from the National Institute of Aging.

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