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Listening to Families

Trusted Care During the COVID Crisis

Each year ComfortCare Homes provides an opportunity for families and loved ones of residents to provide in-depth feedback about our care through a comprehensive survey. We want to highlight some of the results of that survey to celebrate the work and commitment of our caregivers and say thank you to those who place so much trust in our care.

“During 2020 and continuing this year, ComfortCare Homes, along with care providers throughout the country, faced unexpected challenges with the arrival of the COVID virus and the danger it presented to our residents,” says Robert Miller, Senior Vice President of Company Development. “Throughout the crisis it has been our goal to put the health and safety of our residents, employees, and community first. We’re pleased to see the level of satisfaction remain high, even during these difficult times.”

Here are some of the results of the 2021 Customer Survey, along with comments from participants, who remain anonymous.

How do you feel ComfortCare Homes responded to the COVID-19 pandemic overall?

How do you feel ComfortCare Homes did in adapting to the restrictions set by Federal, State, and Local authorities?

“Even though it was hard on us keeping them safe was more important. You kept us informed on what was happening in the house when we could not come in.”

“You shut down when it was necessary, making residents’ safety the priority. The plex-glass separator that allowed personal visits was very much appreciated.”

Home Environment – Physical Premises and Conditions

“Every time I visit, the home environment seems very comfortable and quiet. Things are clean. The caregivers are engaging with the residents. I loved that my mom could help plant flowers.”

“There are several areas for visiting besides the resident’s room. I especially like the courtyard with the tables for visiting and the flowers and trees.”

Care in the Home – Daily Personal Care and Activities

“The staff’s ability to understand and care for a person with dementia is so comforting to know. So many caregivers we had prior to that did not understand his behaviors or the different stages of dementia.”

“The interaction with residents is key to quality of life. I know residents have good days and bad days when it comes to participating in activities. I think the staff does an admirable job of trying to include residents in all activities. The staff knows each resident well and gauges their ability and willingness to participate or just watch on any given day.”

Caregivers – Individuals Who Provide Daily Care to Residents

“When I call I am always greeted by a cheerful caregiver. That may seem simple, but it puts my mind at ease that the residents are spending days and nights with positive people.”

“Staff is awesome!!!”

Overall Satisfaction

“Everything was above expectations. I absolutely applaud the way my mother was treated and would not hesitate to recommend your facility to anyone.”

“I’m very grateful to the management and staff of ComfortCare Homes. You have all provided difficult and necessary care to my dad and do so in a caring manner. I trust that dad is getting the care he needs and is treated with kindness and dignity. Thank you.”

Other Caregiving Highlights:

Q. What could we have done better in our response to COVID?
A. No suggestions - it has been a challenging time and you have done a good job of protecting our loved ones. Thank you!

ComfortCare Homes welcomes inquiries, visits, and tours. We encourage families to reach out long before a loved one may need full-time care.

We’re here to answer the many questions you may have about dementia and how ComfortCare Homes lives out our promise to deliver better care. Please call (316) 685-3322 for a confidential conversation or to schedule a free tour and consultation.

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