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Seven Stages of Alzheimer's

Seven Stages of Alzheimer’s – Stage One

Firsthand experience with people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s can be misleading. Symptoms appear, the diagnosis is confirmed, and the individual shows increasingly severe signs of cognitive impairment. As time goes on, the decline becomes more evident and more rapid. Alzheimer’s may take as long as 25 years or more to progress from the initial stages to the end of life.

Stage One – Business as Usual

Medical evidence reveals that Alzheimer’s disease may be damaging the brain for nearly two decades before the first symptoms appear. During this time – the period researchers have identified as Stage 1 – the person shows no outward signs. Cognitive function is normal, and for the individual it’s seemingly business as usual.

Trouble Carrying on a Conversation

Alzheimer’s warning signs: Using the wrong word for things; inability to follow or continue a conversation; stopping abruptly when talking or repeating themselves.
Normal memory changes: Occasionally struggling for the right word.
While the specific symptoms and rate of decline may vary, researchers have identified seven stages in the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. It is important to note that while symptoms described here are typical of Alzheimer’s, confirmation of the disease requires professional medical diagnosis.

If you or a loved one is experiencing these symptoms, see your doctor right away. Early diagnosis and therapies can help prolong independence.

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