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For Doug Stark, President of ComfortCare Homes, Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care is Personal

ComfortCare Homes has been leading innovation in Memory Care best practices since its founding in 1993, but the history of the company can be traced to nearly a decade before its founding. In 1983, the grandparents of ComfortCare Homes President, Doug Stark, were both struck with dementia. Managing their care quickly became a full-time job for the Stark family, as happens with all families who try to manage the care of their loved ones with dementia. 

Through the experience of caring for their grandparents, the Stark family was able to develop a model of care that pushed beyond the limitations of the large institutional models available at the time. The ComfortCare Homes practice of care emphasizes the dignity of the individual suffering from dementia, while also recognizing the incredible strain that this tragic disease places on family caregivers. 

Learn more about the Stark family legacy of care, and call today to schedule a free consultation.

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