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ComfortCare Homes Offers Full Spectrum of Care for Alzheimer’s and other forms of Dementia

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to dementia care. The progression of the disease occurs at different rates, and with varying symptoms, for each person. Because of this, the best approach to managing care is to prepare for changing needs and expect the unexpected.

At ComfortCare Homes, we’ve developed a continuum of care that accepts a loved one suffering from dementia as they are, whether they are active but confused, or on Hospice or need transitional care, or the later stages of dementia when more intensive attention is required.

Traditional Memory Care

Most similar to types of services provided in traditional assisted living facilities, ComfortCare Homes’ traditional memory care is best suited for Residents who require 24-hour supervision and assistance for most activities of daily living, but do not require skilled nursing care.

What isn’t similar to a typical nursing home is the home itself. Our personalized care takes place in real homes, with quiet spaces for relaxing, backyards and living rooms for our Residents and their families to enjoy. Each home is staffed with a licensed or certified staff and a caregiver to Resident ratio of 1:6 or better.

Advanced Memory Care

When a family member requires a higher level of care, ComfortCare Homes offers our Founders Crest Home as an alternative to institutional memory care facilities. While Founders Crest is a larger community, it is designed to look and feel like an upscale home, not a clinical senior care facility. All the comforts of home are included—home cooked meals, cleaning and laundry—as well as important medical care such as medication administration and incontinence care.

Short-Term Stay Memory Care

ComfortCare Homes offers short-term Alzheimer’s care at our homes when rooms are available. Typically, short-term Residents require more care than what can be provided in their own home, but families prefer something different than a traditional nursing home.

Short-term memory care is beneficial for:

  • Residents in Hospice care whose needs exceed what can be provided at home,
  • Providing family or primary caregivers a break from daily care,
  • Residents who require transitional care after a hospital or skilled nursing facility stay.

With all ComfortCare Homes residences, life enrichment is specifically tailored for the unique challenges presented by dementia and Alzheimer’s. We focus on providing ongoing mental and physical stimulation beyond television, at a level that meets each Resident’s ability and reality.

Whatever level of care your family member currently requires, ComfortCare Homes is able to meet their needs and restore their dignity. We’re always available to meet your family for a free consultation, or you can schedule a visit to learn more by calling (316) 685-3322.

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