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Senior Comfort Care: What You Should Know About Respite Services

Providing elderly care to a senior parent or loved one is very rewarding, but it does have its drawbacks. It can have adverse effects on your health, professional life, or ability to care for your children. Since you need to care for yourself before being able to care for others, respite care exists as an option for family caregivers.  Respite care lets family caregivers take a break from caring for their beloved senior, providing temporary relief so you can take a much-needed vacation, or have a business trip that cannot be postponed. Respite care can be used for any length of time, whether it is an hour or two a week to part-time each day.

What is respite care?

While providing comfort care for a beloved senior can be tremendously rewarding, sometimes people need a break to run errands or relax. Respite care offers you the chance to do so by allowing someone else to take on the responsibility of providing care for your ill or older loved one. From a few hours a week to a few weeks a year, respite care is available in any situation to help you rejuvenate yourself in order to provide the best care possible for you loved one. 

What is comfort care?

Comfort care is a service which aids in the care of seniors with mental illnesses or physical disabilities. These services also provide home care for cases where the senior is uncomfortable or unable to leave the home. Providing a range of other services such as meal preparation, exercise, and socialization, comfort care is a beneficial arrangement when caring for an aging loved one.

Making a schedule can be helpful in deciding whether you need respite care, comfort care or a combination of care services. Respite care can include activities that engage your senior loved one, which benefits their mental wellness as well as yours. Include your loved one in any decisions regarding their care plan and reassure them that they will benefit from respite care as well.


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