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Traditional Memory Care vs. Advanced Memory Care

Changing cognitive functions are a typical part of aging, but can be one of the most challenging aspects for families to manage. Our care providers can help to manage cognitive decline, and our facilities include specialized memory care houses so that your loved one can receive the specific care they need.

What is memory care?

Memory care means establishing the activities and habits that help a senior to live as comfortably and functionally as possible, usually by developing a specific plan of care based around an individual’s needs. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, “an effective care plan builds on the resident’s abilities and incorporates strategies such as task breakdown, fitness programs and physical or occupational therapy to help residents complete their daily routines and maintain their functional abilities as long as possible.” [source]

How does the traditional memory care facility work?

The traditional memory care that ComfortCare Homes offers includes around-the-clock monitoring and assistance by dedicated staff. The patient to staff ratio is usually around 1:6, depending on the needs of the residents in each home. Each home is licensed by the state of Kansas, just like a nursing home, and staff are licensed and/or certified care providers. Each resident is provided with all the services they need to live in safety and comfort, including home-cooked meals, cleaning, laundry, medication administration, personal care, and incontinence care. Each home offers enrichment activities on a daily basis, as well as an enclosed courtyard and outdoor space, a piano, an open floor plan with natural light, a dedicated dietary manager and a welcoming kitchen.

What makes the advanced memory care program different?

The advanced memory care homes have all the same features as the traditional homes, and are intended to look and feel as much like family homes as possible. Advanced memory care homes also feature redirecting stations, with a variety of sensory experiences designed to redirect a resident toward a more calm or happy mental state. Task and sensory boxes are used to help residents engage with diverse experiences while still providing cognitive support and redirection. Our advanced memory care programs have all the tools and resources needed to help residents feel safe and happy in an environment that’s designed for them, and you’ll feel happy seeing them in a home that has beautiful outdoor space, regular enrichment, and an inviting atmosphere.

How do I know which one is right for my family member?

Talk to the care providers who already work with your loved one. Their general physician or another specialist can provide additional information around what kind of care might be best suited to your family member’s individual health needs. Consider the needs your loved one has, and spend some time researching the various levels of care that are available.

ComfortCare Homes offers both traditional and advanced memory care homes, and our caregivers can provide specialized care for your loved one and their health needs. For more information, contact the experts at ComfortCare Homes.


For more information about memory care services provided by ComfortCare Homes, please call our office at (316) 444-0532.

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