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Understanding Dementia: Alzheimer's and Dementia

Dementia is an overall term used to describe symptoms that impact memory, performance of daily activities and communication abilities. While there are at least nine known diseases or syndromes that can cause dementia, Alzheimer’s disease is the most commonly diagnosed reason for dementia, accounting for an estimated 60 to 80 percent of cases.

Common symptoms of dementia can include:

  • Memory decline
  • Deterioration of thinking skills
  • Poor judgement and reasoning skills
  • Decreased focus and attention
  • Changes in language and communication skills

No single diagnostic test exists to determine the exact cause of a person’s dementia. Doctors diagnose Alzheimer’s and all types of dementia based on medical history, physical exams, lab tests and the changes in day-to-day function and behavior associated with each type of dementia.

It can be easy to confuse normal memory issues associated with aging with those that stem from dementia-related causes. To learn more about how to tell the difference, browse our website, or call (316) 685-3322 to schedule a free consultation.

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