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Personalized Support
Continuum of Care

Continuum of Care: Personalized Support at Every Stage

The progressive declines associated with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia demand a holistic, personalized approach to full-time care. Each person diagnosed with dementia will experience their own set of challenges through every stage of the disease — a combination of cognitive, behavioral, and physical effects as unique as each individual.

ComfortCare Homes’ services are designed to deliver customized attention and a consistent, compassionate pathway through all stages of the disease. This specialized care can be difficult to find.

“In many assisted living and nursing homes, memory care is either integrated into various areas of the facility or is organized as a smaller unit sharing staff among the entire caregiving team,” says Robert Miller.

“Caring for individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia requires specific practices that aren’t always widely taught in most senior care facilities. Because we’ve specialized in dementia care since our founding, we understand the best care practices at every stage.”

ComfortCare Homes’ complete continuum of care starts with helping to coordinate in-home services from ComfortKeepers (a sister organization), full-time care in beautifully designed ComfortCare residential home environments, and advanced care at the custom-built Founder’s Crest home.

ComfortCare Homes Wichita, Kansas location

Early Stages – Comfort Keepers In-Home Care

The early stages of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia can be similar to normal memory lapses and forgetfulness associated with aging. If a loved one is diagnosed with dementia early, families may choose to provide care at home, while the effects of the disease are still manageable.

“If families aren’t quite ready to place a loved one in full-time care, our sister organization Comfort Keepers, provides professional in-home care,” says Miller. ComfortCare Homes and Comfort Keepers share more than a similar name — they are partner organizations both owned by Doug Stark.

Comfort Keepers follows the person-centered care philosophy of ComfortCare Homes, with specially trained staff providing medication reminders, respite care, and specialty care for those dealing with Alzheimer’s.

ComfortCare Homes Wichita, Kansas Location

Middle Stages — ComfortCare Home Residences

When it’s time for full-time care, ComfortCare Homes’ residences provide a welcoming transition for both residents and loved ones. These residences are not just home-like, they are actual homes built or remodeled with intentional design elements

“We believe that where you live can impact how you live, and this is particularly true for those with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Our residences are designed for easy navigation, safety, and emotional and physical comfort along with in-home 24/7 professional care,” says Miller.

When a resident moves to a ComfortCare Home, a nurse evaluates each person’s cognitive capacity, physical needs, and social and community needs. Then, individuals are placed in the most appropriate home promoting personalized care and comfort. With round-the-clock caregivers and limited occupancy in each home, staff members continually monitor residents’ health and can easily recognize changes in the progression of the disease.

ComfortCare Homes Wichita, Kansas Location

Advanced Stages — The Founder’s Crest Home

For individuals requiring more physical care or behavioral support it’s time to consider Founder’s Crest, ComfortCare Homes’ largest residence. Founder’s Crest accommodates up to 30 residents divided into neighborhoods, with a shared commons area (including a family living room), dining room, secured open air patios, and a library.

Founder’s Crest is built specifically to provide medical and physical care similar to that provided in nursing homes, but within a warm, welcoming residence. Here, staff are also experts in managing the behavioral and emotional challenges associated with various stages of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

“Advanced stages of dementia require more physical care,” Miller says. “Cognitively, residents still require a very specialized skilled type of care because of continued cognitive declines. Our goal is still to create the most natural residential home environment possible and delivery care centered around that focus.”

ComfortCare Homes is dedicated to providing the highest level of personal care and engagement through all stages of Alzheimer’s and dementia. Adapting to frequent changes and understanding how to care for each individual at every level of capability is a hallmark of ComfortCare Homes. If you have questions about dementia or options for professional caregiving for your loved one, please call (316) 685-3322 for a confidential conversation or to schedule a free tour and consultation.

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