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June 22, 2017

One common question we get from people who don't know what ComfortCare Homes of Pittsburg offers is "how are you different from any other nursing home?" Today we are answering that question. ComfortCare Homes of Pittsburg is a home plus which means we are based out of a house rather than a large facility.

The first thing that sets ComfortCare apart from every other nursing home in Pittsburg or surrounding area is we are based out of an actual house. We have two house that has no more than 12 people in each house, so we can offer more personalized care to those who have a memory implement and we compete with the same prices in the surrounding area. Being in a house takes away the guilt for families and stress on the loved one because they are moving from a house to a house. We have a CNA and CMA on staff 24/7 and their jobs not only to care for the residents but also the families, they make homemade food versus frozen delivered food and they take calls from family members every day asking how their loved one is doing. ComfortCare isn't just somewhere to place your loved one it is a tight knit family who wants to give your family the best care they deserve. 

Instead of having to take our residents out to doctors appointments all the time we have the doctors come to them. We have a podiatrist, optometrist, dentist, and physician who come in the house to see our residents on a monthly basis. We also have hospice and physical therapist come in and help our residents when the family request it. And once the loved one comes off of hospice or physical therapy our staff of caregivers step in and work with those residents to keep them active so they do not lose the skill. Our staff also does daily activities one on one or as a group depending on the day or person, we understand that not everyone is going to want to color so sometimes some will color and the others they staff will sit down and talk with them. The goal of this is to ensure they are having stimulating activities that keep their brains processing information. Our staff even takes our more mobile residents for walks around the neighborhood or down to the other house, residents also can help clean and cook with staff. The thing that makes our homes so weird is there is nothing weird about it. All of our residents lived in homes and when they came to ComfortCare they were home again doing normal things.

Lastly, the home environment, these homes are designed to fit into the surrounding area. Our houses have backyards, porches, bird feeders, dining rooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms. There are not long hallways or curtains dividing rooms, there are semi-private rooms but it would be just like sharing a room at home with two beds and both residents have their side of the room, our private rooms are decorated by the families and there are no guidelines as to what they can and can not have. If people drive by our homes they do not look out of the ordinary they look like all the other houses on the block, our home we call Millie's even has a pond in the back with wildlife that comes up to the fence.

ComfortCare Homes of Pittsburg, LLC is our family taking care of your family. Nothing out of the ordinary, an actual home, competitive prices with more personalized care, that is all.

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