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May 5, 2017

First, we would like to say welcome to our blog and we hope that you will subscribe and keep following us. Feel free to comment and share and suggest topics, after all, we are here for our readers. Our first blog post will be about ComfortCare Homes of Pittsburg, LLC and what we do and explaining why we do it. This is not a formal history timeline this is an overview of our homes specifically. In 1993 Doug Stark opened a home for residents who have Alzheimer's and Dementia in Wichita Kansas, soon after this, he started franchising the business and now all over Kansas people are opening up ComfortCare Branches. These homes are exactly that, home, no impersonal hallways or hundreds of staff members. In the Pittsburg Branch, we have roughly 25 employees this includes our Owners, Alishia and Chris Windsor, our Nurse, Arthurene Simpson, our Home Supervisor, Denise Morris and our Marketer, Kasey Beeman. We hire CareGivers which consist of CNA's and CMA's who give 24/7 care as well as our in-house nurse who is on call, the home is visited by a Dentist, a Physician, an Otologist who come in the house to see our residents whenever possible.

Our CareGivers do daily activities and exercises with our Residents as well as make homecooked meals for them three times a day and prepare snacks upon request. We ensure our Residents medications are lined our perfectly and that the medications aren't clouding their visions. We keep our houses small so that it is easier on our Residents with Dementia, a smaller, calmer environment is beneficial for people who have impaired memory because it makes it less confusing for them because they see the same faces day in and day out. We specifically designed our houses as homes because it helps with Families and Residents with the shock of being transferred due to them going from house to house instead of house to an institution (nursing home). The homes make Families feel better because they know after talking with the staff that they will be in good hands and well taken care of because we only take on 20 residents at any given time. We have two homes our 803 location (Millies' Place) and our 704 location (Colleens' Cottage).

‚ÄčThe picture on above is our 803 location also known as Millies' Place was built in 2011 and this is our more quiet home, housing eight residents, we have six bedrooms (four private, two semi-private). It also has a beautiful sunroom doubling as a living room and a stellar view of the pond out back. The backyard is fenced in so residents can sit on the back porch and watch the ducks and geese fly in. Our two CareGivers will ensure that each resident get the care they deserve by providing a safe and secure home for our residents.

Our 704 Location or Colleens' Cottage (pictured above) is our 'big' house it is spacious ranch style home that was built in 2014 and houses 12 residents where our CareGivers assist residents on a day to day activities. It has 10 bedrooms (eight private and two semi-private rooms) a salon, a fully updated kitchen, dining room and three living rooms which one is also a safe room. The house made to make our residents feel home and everyone in the home is surrounded by love, support, and encouragement.

Our homes are beautiful and we are all family here, to put that in perspective our house supervisors mother is here and our house supervisors daughters both work her one owns the branch and the other is a CNA here. You can catch any member of management on the floor helping residents or assisting staff, sometimes our owner even puts herself on the schedule to work because that is why she got into this field. Our owner didn't get into the health care field to make money or because she saw easy work, she got into this because she is caring, compassionate and willing to help anyone in need. Alishia didn't start these homes for the benefit of herself she did it because she saw the need for a personalized home for people who are struggling with Alzheimer's and Dementia. This is ComfortCare Homes of Pittsburg, LLC and we are here to serve the community and those who can not help themselves. We are here taking care of your family and would love to help you. Visit our website at to learn more about us and contact us for a tour.  

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