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“My Dad Has Just Been Diagnosed with Alzheimer's. What Changes Can We Expect in His Behavior?”

People diagnosed with Alzheimer’s may initially react with a sense of dread. As the disease progresses and things once easy for them become increasingly difficult, we find they can get frustrated and depressed. We know that understanding and emotional support are just as important as physical support.

In addition to loss of memory, Alzheimer’s disease causes loss of communication skills and loss of judgment. Family members often notice changes in the person’s behavior and personality. This can be devastating to relationships. Recent studies we’ve seen estimate that nearly 10 million Americans provide unpaid care for people with Alzheimer’s or other types of dementia. More than 40 percent of caregivers rate the emotional stress of caregiving as high or very high, and approximately one-third show symptoms of clinical depression. Thus, the victims of Alzheimer’s extends beyond just those with the disease to include their networks of family and friends as well.

Please support our local Alzheimer’s Association at 316-267-7333.

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