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“Why Does Mom Get So Angry and Spiteful these Days? She was Always Such a Loving and Understanding Person”

Despite researchers’ best efforts, there’s still no cure for Alzheimer’s disease. Because of the progressive deterioration of brain cells, a person with the disease will generally go through seven stages of decline. Among symptoms in the early stages are irritability, anxiety and depression.

It’s human nature for us to feel a certain degree of antagonism or hostility when we find ourselves in threatening or unfamiliar circumstances. For someone with Alzheimer’s disease, these feelings are ongoing and only increase over time.  Their inability to recall recent conversations or events, their failure to form connections with their surroundings or even with loved ones – these conditions can foster feelings of frustration, anger and paranoia. In addition, your mother’s anger may be the result of drug interactions or side effects from medications. Be sure to keep her doctor informed of any significant change in her behavior.

Please support our local Alzheimer’s Association at 316-267-7333.

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